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VTA - Welcome

VTA Verfahrenstechnik und Automatisierung GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Hegmanns AG.

VTA offers innovative technologies, engineering services and automation technologies, coupled with comprehensive application experience in the areas of refineries, petrochemicals, chemicals and environment.

With experience from a wide variety of processing plants, our operator know-how and innovative approach add to each other in an ideal manner.

This combination of experience and expertise enables us to implement challenging tasks effectively for the benefit of our customers.

Latest results for our competence:

  • Acquisition of the EPCM Contract (Engineering Procurement Construction Management) with BP Ge in December 2009.  VTA takes over leadership in the alliance with regional engineering partners, delivering high efficient services in the fields of engineering, purchasing and construction management.
  • VTA-EMCS (Exise Movement and Control System) was successfully certified through German customs in February 2010. This Web portal enables distribution centres and suppliers to excute EMCS related activities in an automated and efficient way. 



Job Offers:

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